How To Be Mindful: 3 Really Easy Ways

Do you find yourself valuing the concept of mindfulness but struggling to REMEMBER to practice mindful moments?

You know it’s crucial to pause and connect with your surroundings, feelings and the people around you. But usually we get caught up in life and FORGET to do it! It’s not hard to do, but it can be challenging to keep the value of mindfulness on the forefront of our minds.

Here are 3 powerful and EASY ways to stay in the present moment through the hustle and bustle of life:

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1 – Take a non-toxic pen and put a small dot on the back of your hand. I know this may sound strange but it really works! Think of the old “string on the finger” trick, only no one else will notice. Every time you glance at the dot you will REMEMBER to slow down, relax your muscles and check in to ensure you’re living in the present moment.

2 – Set up alarms on your phone (a soft and non-stressful sound) to go off at various times throughout a hectic day. This is similar to the FitBit trend of reminding you to get up and move throughout the day. Same concept but only for muscle relaxation and focusing on the present moment. It’s a great reminder to REEL IT IN when feeling overwhelmed!

3 – Train your brain to automatically default to the present moment. Some people do this naturally, especially children, but you CAN train your brain to default to a zen state when the going gets tough. The best way to do this is through scheduling non-negotiable time to meditate or read an article or book on mindfulness and engage fully. With daily repetition, you are actually rewiring your brain to stay in the present moment more.

Visit Psych Central for some more ways to be mindful for you and your family.

Hoping you can implement some of these mindfulness tips to get the most our of your life and avoid stress and overwhelm on a regular basis. Happy minding!

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  1. This was very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing this!
    Sometimes I use fragrance mists to help with being in the present.
    I’ve actually reviewed a fragrance mist that I use sometimes and the review can be found at
    If you don’t mind a quick and light read, please check it out and like/comment/follow for more.


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