Best Mindfulness Apps For Beginners

Have you been learning about the value of a more mindful life but need extra help actually implementing practices?

While is here to help, a more sophisticated app may be just what you need to get more comfortable in your new mindful life.

There are hundreds of meditation apps, mindfulness apps, apps for yoga and apps for sleep and increasing focus. It can be overwhelming to sift through them all.

We’ve narrowed down some of the ones with a good reputation and higher reviews. Check them out and if you have any experience with any of these we would love to hear about it!

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1 – Calm – This sometimes gets touted as an app for sleep, which it is, but for the beginning meditation student or someone who wants more mindful moments, this mindfulness app is simple, streamlined and highly effective!

2 – Breethe – This app focuses heavily on breathing exercises, which is an excellent way to be present and focused. It can actually slow down brain waves and within minutes you can feel calmer. Two thumbs up!

3 – Headspace – This app is so much fun. The guided meditations are soothing and simple, and the tests measuring stress levels are fascinating. It really helps to give you insight on where you stand and where you are going with your mindfulness practice.

4 – Mindfulness Daily – This app does a great job of fitting their program into your unique schedule. They focus on quick and effective practices to keep stress levels in check for the busy and overwhelmed individual.

5 – Simply Being – Our favorite way we like to practice mindful living is by getting out into nature, but if that isn’t feasible this app is the next best thing. The relaxing meditations offer nature sounds to soothe and comfort your soul. You can also choose to relax to music or silence as well.

With all of the diverse mindfulness apps out there you will be sure to find one that suits your needs. Many have free trials, so we recommend giving them a whirl before committing financially.

If you find and end up loving a mindfulness app, ask yourself if it brings you peace and truly helps you relax. If it does, consider fitting it into your monthly budget. If it helps to encourage a more mindful life filled with gratitude and joy, it could very well be worth it!

If you have a favorite mindfulness or meditation app, we’d love to hear about it. Good luck and HAPPY MINDING!

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