The Best Places to Buy Yoga Pants

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As a huge advocate for yoga and all of the ways it embodies mindfulness living, I’m always keeping my eyes out for quality clothing that will stand up to the twists and turns of yoga, while not breaking the bank.

If you’re new to yoga or you’re a seasoned veteran, I am guessing you have similar goals when shopping for yoga pants as well.

Yoga clothes are a very personal choice, but most of us are looking for the same thing; variety, comfort, flexibility, durability, and value.

Mindfulness involves shopping carefully for the clothing you truly need with wasting as little as possible. It today’s consumer driven economy that can be a hard task to accomplish.

So we compiled a quick list of places you can go to find that perfect pair of yoga pants. This will help you get the most out of your mindfulness and meditation practices and not have to run all around town:

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1Salvation Army (value) – I can’t preach sustainability and value without first suggesting your local thrift shop. Before you worry that yoga pants would be worn and cheap here, let me assure you there are gems to be found in all thrift stores and yoga pants are no exception. You may just find a gently worn in, high quality pair, for 1/4 of the cost as a department store. If you have the time, it’s worth checking out the Salvation Army or any local thrift store with a good reputation.

2Amazon (variety and value) – This may seem obvious but a lot of people avoid ordering their yoga pants online because you cannot try them on. I will say these yoga pants from Amazon* are high waisted with tummy control for around $20 with TONS of colors to choose from, and our favorite – POCKETS!

3TJ Maxx (variety and durability)- I have found some of the best yoga pants at TJ Maxx for an excellent value and there is so much variety! While they aren’t necessarily brands that I have heard of, they are excellent quality and I’ve never spent more than $20 on a good pair here. There are so many choices so there’s a very good chance you’ll find what you are looking for!

4 – LuLaRoe (comfort and flexibility)- I know these leggings are meant to be lounge wear and not specific for yoga, but I will say, their extra buttery feel and extremely flexible fibers make them great for stretching and feeling relaxed while in cow pose. They aren’t necessarily the cheapest and there are more affordable brands with a similar feel, but if you can get a fun pair on a discount I think they are worth it.

5Lululemon (durability and comfort) – Now before you yell at me for suggesting such an expensive brand, I have to say, I own ONE pair of these that I received as a gift and THEY ARE AMAZING. They hold everything in, fit my waist just right, have POCKETS, and stretch and bend every which way with me. I’ve had them for over 2 years and they look brand new. So if your budget allows, or you’re looking for a high quality material that will last, Lululemon lives up to the hype!

6Wal-Mart (value and variety) – When all else fails, Wal-Mart is a go-to for me. I know they will always have my size, they have a TON of variety, and they hold up surprisingly well. A lot of yoga pant brands advise against drying their pants in the dryer, but I always dry my Wal-Mart yoga pants and have never had an issue. And the price cannot be beat, aside from the thrift store which is a little more hit or miss.

Shopping for clothes for your yoga practice can be a frustrating experience but it doesn’t have to be. The truth of the matter is you can do yoga in ANY clothes that suit your needs the best.

I have a friend who has popped into her yoga class wearing her stretchy work jeans coming straight from her job. It works for her! And that’s ultimately what yoga stands for and is all about; being your authentic self.

What other locations do you suggest for finding the best quality, value and comfort in a solid yoga pant? Let us know and HAPPY MINDING!

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  1. I have one pair of Lululemon and I hate how expensive that they are, but my god they are the best GD workout clothes I have ever had. If you ever find a decent brand that competes with them at about half cost, please let me know! Thanks for this post!

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