Get A Pet For A More Mindful Life

If you already have a pet and you’re looking to increase mindfulness in your life, or if you are on the fence about getting a pet, know this;

Pets naturally improve focus, attention to detail, and the art of living in the NOW.

According to Sandra Barker, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry and director at the Center for Human-Animal Interaction at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Medicine, many studies support the relaxing effects of interacting with pets. One Harvard University study showed that 87% of people felt less stress after spending time with a pet. This is huge.

*Pets help you live a more mindful life in 3 main ways;

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1 – REDUCED STRESS: Through socialization, pets help to reduce stress hormones that contribute to racing thoughts and excess worrying.

2 – LIVING IN THE MOMENT: Pets allow you to stay in the present moment as you focus on their needs over your own. This can also naturally boost your daily gratefulness which has a calming effect.

3 – IMPROVED HEALTH: Pets have been shown to improve your overall health. Studies show pet ownership may help increase fitness levels, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, and boost happiness.

Pretty powerful benefits from having a pet in your home!

Welcoming a dog into your family is a big decision with a lot of responsibilities but you have to factor in all of the benefits, as well.

Good luck with your decision, and if you already have a pet, be sure to make the most of their endless mindfulness gifts! HAPPY MINDING!

*Check out our favorite breath saver treats for pets for more snuggle time with your furry friend!

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  1. True! Our pet dog is very playful (and acting spoiled to my mom!) most of the time, but our home is livelier with him. I think he is more aware than what I usually see; he is always a ray of sunshine on gloomy days!

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