How to be mindful while studying

More and more students are juggling multiple responsibilities when heading off to school or advancing their career.

Whether you are in high school, college, grad school or you are working towards a work license, it’s important to implement effective study habits, and this should always include an element of mindfulness.

This is especially true if, in addition to studying, you are keeping a job, raising a family, caring for a parent or dealing with excess stress.

Here are 5 quick tips to keep in mind as you are trying to study in a way that keeps stress away:

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1 – Take breaks. It may seem obvious that studying straight for too long can cause burnout, but too many people under-value the power of taking strategic breaks away from your studies. It can actually INCREASE productivity overall.

2 – During your break, rest your brain. What you do during your study break matters. Choose tasks that rejuvenate your brain, instead of draining it further. Meditate, chat with a friend, go for a walk, or take a nap. Avoid more screens or spending time worrying.

3 – Have a plan. Having a set study time with tools, meals and location figured out can make all the difference as you settle in and focus on the books. Writing out your study schedule for the week can also help you stay mindful and on track.

4 – Set up your study space. Having an organized study space dedicated just for you can help keep stress low. Studies have shown that a cluttered and disheveled work space can also clutter your brain making it harder to concentrate. Mindful studying involves keeping everything in its place.

5 – Have a study buddy. The right study buddy with the same goals as you can be a huge asset to productive learning. Not only will they help keep you inspired, but they can hold you accountable if you end up not taking breaks or you break for too long doing brain draining activities.

What other quick tips do you use to ensure you stay mindful while studying? Check out this book on study tips* to further improve your mindful studying.

Good luck with your study plan and HAPPY MINDING!

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