The Best Mindfulness Cards For Stress Relief

In our pursuit of a more mindful life with less stress, we need all of the reminders and tips we can get. This is the inspiration behind

Alongside digital reminders through email, social media and google searches, we like to devour books, calendars and card kits to inspire us daily.

We highly recommend the Mindfulness Cards: Simple Practices for Everyday Life.

These cards are organized by categories in a beautiful box to keep handy for reflection and mindful living inspiration. The more reminders we place around us, the more mindful we will automatically be!

This was gifted to me for my birthday and I have been so inspired to read one card a day and share relevant passages with loved ones. It’s been a great option for my kids as well. Helping them learn the value of mindfulness young can make all the difference.

Here are some examples of our favorite passages from these Mindfulness Cards from their 4 different categories:

Rest and Balance: “Tune into stillness. An effective way to develop inner calm is to place your attention on something that is already calm – this could be a tree, a cloud, a building, or an item on a shelf. Finding stillness and turning the mind there means you can have access to rest wherever you are.”

Curiosity and Joy: “Tap into your vacation mind. One of the wonderful things about going on a vacation is the delight that comes with exploring a new place. With so much newness to experience, the mind becomes bright, awake, and alive as it takes in all the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. But you don’t need an actual vacation to tap into these senses. You can tap into your vacation mind at any time.”

Insight and Awareness: “Open you mind, close your mind. Sometimes our minds feel very bright, clear and open, and other times they feel fuzzy, constricted, or closed. Instead of fixating on specific emotions, pay attention to what your mind feels like overall. Simply be aware.”

Kindness: “Reflect joy. Tuning into the happiness and joy of others can help us cultivate happiness and joy in ourselves. Next time you notice beauty, lightness, or joy in someone, see if you can feel the reflection of their happiness and let it affect your own experience.”

For more of these insightful passages at your fingertips, order Mindfulness Cards* on Amazon, and make it a goal to read a few every week, or one card every day! This will ensure more mindful days and less stress.

Good luck and HAPPY MINDING!

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