Do ‘Inspirational Quotes’ Really Help?

I have to admit, I used to question these “inspirational quotes” sprinkled throughout the Internet, everywhere you look.

I used to think these quotes were a cheesy over simplification of people’s problems and they often made me cringe. I wondered if the simplicity of the quotes were down right obnoxious and insulting to those truly suffering.

The truth is, not everyone benefits from reading inspiring quotes and it depends on personality, brain health, severity of suffering, and one’s mindset whether they will be effective or not.

But what I’ve learned over time and through years of researching how the brain works, is that these quotes meant to motivate and make people feel less alone, can be incredibly powerful for the right people. Myself included.

I have found “inspirational quotes” to be an excellent proactive tool to keep my negative thoughts in check. They can help to “redirect” our thought processes and break up negative thinking patterns which so many people struggle with.

While we can’t always control what thoughts come into our minds, we do have control over how we react to them and what reading material we expose ourselves to in our daily lives. That’s why it’s so important to unfollow toxic webpages and Instagram accounts and surround ourselves with uplifting thoughts and ideas.

Here are 3 easy ways to surround yourself with “Inspirational Quotes” to help retrain your brain:

ONE – Follow blogs, webpages and social channels that focus on encouraging messages and challenge negative thinking. Our blog is a great start 🙂

TWO – Purchase a book of 365 quotes so you have a new inspirational message to read each day. We love Cydie Spiegel’s handy book* filled with motivation!

THREE – Have a daily journal practice of jotting down how you’re feeling with a response of how you would speak to a child you love

Think about the difference of a child being told their whole life “you’re brave, you’re a hard-worker, you’re creative!” vs the child being told “you’re a nobody, you’re dumb, you’re lazy.”

Each child is experiencing life in a very different way and we know this intuitively. But research backs it up. When we speak to our kids (and ourselves) in a positive way, it affects our self esteem and mood significantly.

Fill your feed and your world around you with that positivity and have faith that your outlook on life and yourself will slowly change.

It won’t be overnight and it requires consistency, but changing our self-talk and focusing on the truth of “inspirational quotes” truly can make a difference for many. It’s such a simple way to shift our thinking and retrain our brain for more inspiring internal dialogue.

Do you have any other tips or ideas on how to incorporate more messages of positivity into your life for encouragement and inspiration?

Good luck and HAPPY MINDING!

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    1. Completely agree! I think that’s one of the main reason I wanted a website that compiled more “down to earth” inspiration. Everyone benefits from different methods, and it can even change in one person throughout their lifetime. The easy access to a variety of affirmations throughout the internet is a huge benefit to humanity! Thanks for commenting.

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