6 Quick Tips: How to deal with overwhelm

We’ve all faced that stressful feeling of overwhelm that can take over at any time like a tidal wave.

This feeling of being overwhelmed is a sign that our brains are in overdrive. You may notice that sometimes small things cause you to feel overwhelmed while other times you handle chaos without a problem.

Why is this?

It mostly depends on the state of our brain. When we are stressed, tired, malnourished, or sick, our brains do not function optimally and feelings of overwhelm can take over quicker.

Here are some quick tips to help calm down your racing mind and get your thoughts organized for less overwhelm in your life:

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

1 – Lists! Lists! Lists!

The very act of writing down everything you need to accomplish or all of the problems you need to solve can help you keep things in perspective.

2 – Talk it out with a friend.

Too many of us bottle up our feelings of overwhelm and all this does is add to the problem. By talking to a trusted friend, you can release some of this stressful energy. You don’t have to ask for advice or complain. Just articulate how you feel and why. It can be so powerful.

3 – Meditate!

You may have heard this advice over and over and there’s a reason why. It works! Meditation does not have to be spiritual (although it can end up being a very meaningful experience). All you need to do is lay down the intention to slow down your thoughts by focusing on your breath or counting slowly. Anything you can do to SLOW down the mind will help. Yoga is a great way to combine meditative states with body movements.

4 – Take a quick, brisk walk.

Again, you may think adding something to your to do list will only add to your feelings of overwhelm, but remember being overwhelmed is a FEELING, and not always based on reality. Exercise boosts endorphins and other feel good chemicals that can improve your ability to cope and improve confidence to deal with everything on your plate.

5 – Listen to music you love.

Find a favorite song, stop everything you’re doing, and pay attention to the melody and words. Music has a way of organizing your mind and slowing things down due to its structured methods. Find joy in the song you love and it will help release stress and worrisome thoughts.

6 – Opt outside!

Spending time in nature and connecting to natural surroundings helps to put your problems in perspective as you are reminded we are all part of something bigger. Time away from devices also helps to calm your brain and recharge.

Which tip is your favorite and what would you add to help others manage feelings of overwhelm?

Good luck and HAPPY MINDING!

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

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