Should We Practice Mindfulness Every Day?

Mindfulness is more important than ever during these times of isolation and stress.

You know it’s important to focus on the present moment and avoid multi-tasking, but have you ever wondered how often you should be practicing mindfulness?

The answer will vary for each person but there are a lot of good reasons to practice EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Missing days can cause a build up of anxiety.

This is a pretty common occurrence among occasionally stressed out adults. You devour mindfulness tips and ideas when you feel overwhelmed with life, then when things fall back into order everything you learned becomes second rate.

It’s crucial not to let these low-stress periods derail our daily practice.

Here are 3 important reasons to schedule in a mindful exercise every day:

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1 – Be better than your best – One of the reasons for daily reminders to be mindful is we do much better even when we are doing ok. When I proactively live a mindful life, even when I am not stressed, I am challenging the status quo and exceeding my own expectations. Even when I feel good, I benefit from the added focus, gratitude and lack of over-thinking. You can too.

2 – Train your brain – I consider every yoga visit, or meditation session, or present moment practice a building up of armor. This armor gives us the best defense against debilitating stress; the kind that leaves us unproductive and afraid. Proactively practicing relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises or yoga truly does lessen the downward stress spirals we all eventually face. You are literally training your brain for battle, because the battle will come for all of us and we’ll be better off if mindfulness is already a daily part of our lives.

3 – Habit becomes second nature – When mindfulness is a daily ritual that we do not forsake, regardless of our mood, we build a habit. A habit becomes second nature and stops feeling as hard as it did in the beginning. When we continuously stop and start a practice it always feels hard. Making it feel habitual ensures the practice continues and strengthens and that’s really the whole point!

These important reasons to practice living in the present moment are all upside.

Who wouldn’t want to improve their best selves, avoid our worst, and build an effortless habit that benefits not only us but everyone around us?

The little things you do each and every day will add up and can end up being life changing. It’s not only what you practice daily, but it’s what you avoid daily as well. Avoid destructive thought patterns through meditation and reading.

Here are some life changing books that can help remind you to practice mindfulness daily: Mindful Living Books

Let us know what daily mindfulness habits you’re building into your life and HAPPY MINDING!


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