Outdoor Mindfulness Tips for Kids

With nicer weather upon us, we have more opportunities to get the kids outside which is a breeding ground for natural mindfulness.

Mindfulness, especially outside, has been shown to reduce stress, increase concentration, and improve our overall well-being.

How can you encourage mindfulness in nature with your children?

Here are 7 quick tips for simple mindfulness activities outside:

Photo by jonas mohamadi on Pexels.com

1 – Ask your child to count how many SOUNDS they can hear in the moment. There could be multiple birds chirping, wind through the trees, leaves rustling, a distant train going by, and countless other sounds all at once.

2 – Have you child choose a color, then count how many items outside they see. Good ole fashioned “I Spy” is a great mindfulness game to get kids to notice their surroundings.

3 – Create a short and simple scavenger hunt. Choose items they can easily find; a leaf, flower, acorn, rock, pinecone, an insect or toad as some examples.

4 – Allow your child to walk around nature with your camera and challenge them to take 10 amazing pictures. You will be thrilled with their nature photography skills!

5 – Give your child a nature journal. Have them walk around writing about what they see in nature and how it makes them feel. OR have them draw pictures of what they see. These simple instructions can quickly blossom into a beautiful poem or story.

Photo by Tuu1ea5n Kiu1ec7t Jr. on Pexels.com

6 – Purchase some seeds and start a mini garden in your yard. Consider decorating it to turn it into a fairy garden or an adventure cave for an added element of imagination.

7 – Encourage typical indoor activities to be done outside. These are activities such as reading, having a snack, exercising, or even ipad time. Just the act of BEING outside can lift spirits and improve our immune systems.

What other fun mindfulness activities have you done with your children outside?

Good luck and HAPPY MINDING!

*Don’t forget to add these mindful minutes to your MILLION MINDFUL MOMENTS goal!

Photo by @thiszun (follow me on IG, FB) on Pexels.com

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