1000 Hours Outside: Go All In For Your Kids!

When I first came across the 1000 Hours Outside challenge a few years ago I found it overwhelming. As a mom wearing many different hats and an ever busy schedule, it just seemed unrealistic to aim for 4 hours outside every single day.

But the more I tried to get the kids outside, the more I realized the worthiness of this goal, even if it was lofty.

Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

Kids need nature more than ever, especially as more are partaking in virtual learning, potentially for the long haul.

Being outside has countless benefits that have been proven to improve overall physical and mental health. We all seem to feel this intuitively, and it’s become even more clear during this year of social distancing.

1000 hours outside per year for each child is possible. But it does need to be a priotity.

Check out some of our favorite articles from the 1000 Hours Outside website; you will surely be inspired to attain this important goal:

  1. Movement is Education
  2. Join the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge
  3. Outside Play Is Crucial For Emerging Writers and Readers
  4. The Very Best Way to Deal With Childhood Boredom
  5. Your Kids Aren’t Missing Out When You Choose Nature Time

These are just a few of the articles that will leave you motivated to get the kids outside more. Promote mindfulness in your children effortlessly by exposing them to the simplicity of nature on a regular basis.

You will soon see a meaningful difference in their overall attention and love for the outdoors.

Dive in! Start the Challenge now and see where you end up before the beginning of 2021. Download free tracking sheets here:

Free Tracking Sheets

Good luck and happy minding OUTSIDE!

Photo by Nate Hess on Pexels.com

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