Want To Effortlessly Be More Mindful? Read Raptitude

I’m compelled to share my favorite blog with you because this author has helped me live a more mindful life in countless ways for over a decade.

David Cain started Raptitude to help humans “get better at being human”.

As we all know life can be tricky and at times overwhelming, so he gives his thoughtful insight and has tested many different life hacks to try to improve his own life. He shares his results in an effort to help our mindfulness skills as well.

Cain also started Camp Calm, which is a meditation program that has helped many of his followers. I have yet to try this program, but I do believe in the benefits of regularly practicing traditional meditation and know it can contribute to a more mindful life.

One nice thing about Raptitude is that his blog has remained ad free. As a blogger myself, I know this can be a big sacrifice, especially for someone with a good following like him. Raptitude’s ad-less website really does improve the user experience and makes me want to come back.

He does take donations through a Patreon subscription which I do contribute to.

Raptitude Patrons get access to extra posts, ebooks, handmade goodies and other things he’s created. Consider becoming a Raptitude Patron if you end up loving Raptitude like I did!

Raptitude covers a wide range of topics such as: life hacks, relaxation tips, meditation, mindfulness, grit, habit tracking, human behavior, kindness and stress management.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

One of my very favorite posts from Raptitude was his take on letting bad moods pass and not giving them power. This has been one of the most important life lessons I’ve learned through the years.

THIS TOO SHALL PASS is a mantra that has gotten me through various tough times through the years.

Cain points out that when we are in a bad mood everything skews towards the negative. Any decisions we make during a bad mood will lack perspective. Understanding why a bad mood has taken over can be useful, but ultimately it WILL pass and reminding ourselves of this can help us avoid the bad mood affecting our life and limit suffering. Read the whole post here:

How To Keep a Bad Mood From Taking Over

If you’re looking for down to earth, easy to read, thoughtful, ad-less and authentic blogs to follow, then Raptitude is for you!



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