How Habit Trackers Can Improve Mindfulness

One of the best life hacks I’ve ever learned about was implementing a habit tracker into my daily routine.

Habit trackers give me an instant mindfulness boost.

I’m not sure there’s any other thing I’ve tried that’s been better for my mindfulness practice. Dare I say it’s been even better than traditional meditation for my focus, mood and overall well being.

Why would this be?

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There are 3 main reasons habit trackers can have such a huge positive impact on our lives.

Habit trackers help us improve CONSISTENCY, AWARENESS, and NUTRITION (Read more about the CAN Method for Mindfulness).

1. Consistency – A habit tracker encourages us to be consistent with the habits that matter most to us. Whether your goal is to complete something every day, or a few times a week, the tracker will motivate you to be consistent and that’s where real progress happens.

2. Awareness – Dedicating yourself to filling out a habit tracker will force you to be more aware of where you are falling short and what you are really good at. Even if you don’t have a perfect day or week, just being AWARE that the week didn’t go well will encouraging you to find solutions and do better the following week.

3. Nutrition – When we talk about nutrition we are talking about all of the things we do to nourish our body physically and the habit tracker is bound to improve this area of your life. Including habits such as eating veggies, getting 8 hours of sleep and drinking plenty of water, you can be confident that your over all health is being attended to regularly.

Here are some free simple and straight-forward habit trackers you can print out to get started today! I’m telling you, it’s great for a mental health boost and to help you get back on track when you’ve lost your way.

There are also many different habit tracker apps if you’d rather keep your practice digital. Check out the top 22 here.

Some examples of things you can add on your habit tracker for measurement (it will obviously be tailored to your personal goals):

  • 10,000 steps
  • 7 servings of fruits and veggies
  • 20 minutes of strength training
  • Journal
  • 10 minutes of meditation
  • No sweets
  • Daily vitamin
  • 30 minutes outside
  • 30 minutes of reading a book
  • 8 glasses of water
  • 15 minutes of stretching
  • Less than 1 hour on social media
  • 8 hours of sleep
  • No screens 2 hours before bedtime

Anything you want to measure and improve upon can be added to your habit tracker and the habits can change month to month with your needs.

Good luck, and HAPPY MINDING!

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