Why Mindful Giving Makes Us Feel Good

There’s no better time to be generous.

So many people I know are going through rough patches and the most prominent advice they are receiving is to focus on gratitude and help others where we can.

This advice can be tough to swallow when you’re in the thick of a crisis, but when the clouds start to part a bit this advice really does work.

Mindfully giving to others, whether it’s financially or through volunteering your time not only helps others but it can do wonders to lift your spirits and help you feel filled to the brim with thanks for all you have.

Why is this? 4 TOP REASONS:

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com
  1. Generosity is actually good for your brain; the act of giving releases multiple feel-good chemicals that promote feelings of peace and joy.
  2. Giving makes others around you feel happy and emotions have been shown to be contagious.
  3. The giving spirit can help you live longer according to a 2013 study from Carnegie Mellon University.
  4. Generosity can help improve mood disorders and lower stress levels.

Generosity is compared to a circle in the article on daveramsey.com “Why Giving Makes You Feel So Good”, and this is so true. When we give, it benefits others which circles back to us. If everyone focused more on how they could give back, imagine how much better off the world would be.

This isn’t to say we can feel grateful every moment, but I make sure to include gratitude and the spirit of giving in my mindfulness practice. Not only do I notice myself feeling better in the moment, but I sleep better and make wiser choices throughout the day.

Giving for the spirit of helping others and working towards equity is important, but it’s nice to know it’s benefiting us as well. When we feel better we are in a better position to do more for humanity.

Good luck and HAPPY MINDING!


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