Is it really ok to say ‘no’ to more, or should we be saying YES?

Do you feel like one moment you're inspired by an article telling us it's ok to say NO! Then minutes later we are reading something that encourages us to LEAN IN, or say yes MORE for a fulfilling life! The conflicting messages can be downright maddening for the hard-working giver trying to find their balance... Continue Reading →

Job Hunting? Stay Mindful!

Looking for a new job can be one of the biggest stressors of a person’s lifetime. Having the tools in place to move through the process with courage and grace can make the experience less tedious and can even help you land that dream job! Remembering to practice mindfulness during this time can make all... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is more important than ever in this fast paced world of smart phones, social media and on-demand television. We all need to slow down and stay present regularly to fully embrace life. Here are 7 compelling reasons why everyone should make mindfulness a daily priority: Photo by Renato Abati on Helps to regulate... Continue Reading →

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