The Best Gift I’ve Ever Received

I had a big milestone birthday last year and like a lot of women around this age, I was feeling a little lost and going through a tough time.

One of my closest friends could relate and gave me one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

It really, truly improved my quality of life and was something I looked forward to daily. 

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It wasn’t a candle or a blanket or a scarf (although I do love all those things!) It was the gift of mindfulness, given to me in book format. The book was “A Year of Positive Thinking” by Cyndie Spiegel* and it included an inspirational, mindful quote for each day of the year. 

My friend committed, as part of her gift, to text and discuss each daily quote throughout the year with me. This was so exciting, not only to have more consistent contact with a dear friend, but to have a daily reminder to reflect on my peace of mind and live in the moment. This habit really built up my mindfulness practice.

Most days the quote eerily matched what I was going through at the time, and if it didn’t I could apply it to a different situation for reflection. I was being forced to be more mindful about my thoughts and emotions each day. This helps me clear my mind and allows me to see the bigger picture. What a gift!

We did a pretty amazing job staying on top of it, I must say. We did miss a few days here and there but always caught up! No quotes have been missed to date. Not only did it remind me to stay present more often, but it got me more and more interested in my thought processes.

It’s become a hobby to research mindfulness and its effects on our health. It’s made me stop and reflect on how my wandering, overthinking and racing mind truly does affect my overall mood. 

By increasing my mindfulness skills, I am more appreciative of my surroundings and my life has been enriched. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get her a gift as good as this book. But I will have to try. 

There are dozens of books out there with this daily reminder format. Including email platforms such as The Daily Positive. Sometimes REMEMBERING to be mindful is the hardest part of the practice.

Quick, simple reminders is sometimes all we need to keep our racing brains in check. And the more you practice, the easier it can be to recover after a worry spiral. 

Worry spirals still happen occasionally, of course, but part of being mindful is recognizing why you are worrying and how best to diffuse the situation. Mindfulness helps me see much clearer and allows me to focus on the bigger picture. Here are some more ways to give the gift of mindfulness! Happy Minding!

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